SoxsolS in Birkenstocks – A Perfect Pairing

Birkenstocks are awesome sandals, and the folks that work at Birkenstock are even more awesome.

As far as traditional regional fashions goes, I suspect it’s no surprise that Birkenstocks, in particular the Arizona, are very popular in the Pacific Northwest.

In fact, a lot of folks that work at SoxsolS have Birkenstocks. Some have even committed the dreaded Socks and Sandals fashion faux pas in their wayward youth. That was before SoxsolS washable shoe inserts made socks in sandals obsolete.

The Birkenstock sandal is as synonymous with Oregon as is granola and beards. Which, as it happens, are also in plentiful supply at SoxsolS.

So even though SoxsolS Washable Shoe Inserts can be paired with many types of sandals and closed-toe shoes, Birkenstocks are definitely one of our all time favorites.

It also might have something to do with the fact that if you take a pair of SoxsolS two sizes smaller than your Birkenstocks, and drop them in, they fit PERFECTLY.


So remember, if you’re buying SoxsolS for your Birkenstocks, choose two (2) sizes below the size of the “Birks” you want to use them in.

Enjoy and Happy Trails!



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