Help For Hyperhidrosis – SoxsolS’ Technology Helps Take the Sweat Out of Your Shoes

Everyone sweats. It’s one of the miracles of our bodies, and a natural and essential process.

For some folks, however, sweating can become excessive. This condition is called Hyperhidrosis, and it affects over 200 million people worldwide.

For those who struggle with Hyperhidrosis, fashion sometimes has to come second to functionality. One particularly uncomfortable aspect of excessive perspiration is the feet. Sweat can cause feet to slide around and chafe inside shoes and sandals. The sweating can also lead to odor build up.

SoxsolS washable shoe inserts were a simple solution created to solve these issues. They are 100% machine washable and dryer safe. They act like a thin, flat sock that grips to the shoe or sandal, absorbing perspiration. It is removable and replicable.

We’ve had many customers tell us how helpful SoxsolS has been in combating these negative side effects of Hyperhidrosis.

They’ve told us about being able to wear shoes they never would have considered prior to learning about SoxsolS washable shoe inserts. They’ve also told us that they no longer have to worry about ruining expensive shoes, or having sore feet at the end of a night of dancing.

SoxsolS washable shoe inserts may not be able to stop you from sweating, but they can definitely help keep it off your feet and out of your shoes.



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